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FiberRevolution! disrupts the Dutch telecom market and delivers corporate fiber optic broadband connections for a fair and competitive price. With enough local participation to implement the network and with a growing number of connections through time, the monthly rate will drop automatically max. 30%. Upon the start of the network, prices for fiber optic connections are sharp:

50/50 Mbps       (1:1, undivided) €149
100/100 Mbps   (1:1, undivided) €169
250/250 Mbps   (1:1, undivided) €199
One-time installation fee €199

Rates are based on a five-year contract and excluding VAT. By increasing the number of local participants, the rate will decrease up to 30%. Most of the Dutch fiber vendors provide 1:5 optical fiber connections. The bandwidth performance is dependent on four other customers and their bandwidth usage. FiberRevolution! provides 1:1 undivided access, which means that customers have full availability of their chosen bandwidth. When comparing prices, please ask for a correct price comparison to a 1: 1 connection (also referred to as “Premium” or “Corporate”).