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No hidden costs

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Uncategorized |

We are ‘net heads’, we believe in net neutrality and the removal of ‘invisible’ barriers to entry.

Telecom networks charge service providers a one-time access fee and/or monthly fees for transmission of the signal over the network. This usually involves relatively small monetary amounts (e.g. € 100 per month and € 10 per VLAN) but sometimes imposed major financial thresholds (e.g. € 25,000 per year). These “invisible” barriers be entirely omitted in a 100% open network model: a service provider should have no cost for delivering its services through our networks. We believe in this free movement of digital information as the best breeding ground for innovation.

FiberRevolution does not charge a service provider for VLANs nor transport and does not receive any kickback fee. This allows services providers to offer sharper pricing for their services and prevents local entrepreneur having to pay for these ‘invisible’ costs.