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Jochem Regtuit joins the board of the eSociety Platform

During the board meeting on September 7th, the new board of the eSociety Platform was installed. Fiber Revolution is pleased to announce that its Managing Director Jochem Regtuit is now part of that new board. The eSociety Platform (formerly known as Fiber to the Home... read more

Fiber Network Heemskerk is coming!

This month, FiberRevolution Netherlands will start with the implementation of a new and fully open fiber optic network at industrial park Trumpet in Heemskerk, The Netherlands. Through an underground system of conduits, Trompet1, where a total of 155 companies are... read more

Pure bandwidth

From April 2016 all ‘powered by FiberRevolution’ customers receive more bandwidth for the same price. The basic subscription 40/40 becomes 50/50 Mbps. In reality they even get 5 Mbps more, so 55/55 Mbps. This extra 5 Mbps is the necessary overhead for... read more

Strong growth expectations for 2016

The open and transparent approach of FiberRevolution is embraced and endorsed by an increasing number of entrepreneurial association in The Netherlands. In 2016 FiberRevolution will proceed to implement collective streets-wide fiber optic networks on many industrial... read more

100% Coverage on Glasnet RTHA

FiberRevolution has reached full coverage for open fiber optic access in the industrial park Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) and industrial park Hoog16Hoven, both located in the Netherlands, by implementing the final stage of the street-wide fiber optic network. By... read more

No hidden costs

We are ‘net heads’, we believe in net neutrality and the removal of ‘invisible’ barriers to entry. Telecom networks charge service providers a one-time access fee and/or monthly fees for transmission of the signal over the network. This usually involves relatively... read more

Launch of Glasnet Nieuwkoop!

On Monday 30 March, alderman Guus Elkhuizen of the Nieuwkoop municipality in The Netherlands pushed the first shovel in the ground as the symbolic launch of the implementation of Glasnet Nieuwkoop, the fiber optic network for companies and institutions in Nieuwkoop.... read more

Glasnet Heusen is live!

In February 2014, the fiber optic network Glasnet Heusden went live. The network is an initiative of local businesses and the municipality of Heusden, The Netherlands. The non-profit cooperative network in covers almost all industrial parks situated along the A59 and... read more