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IPfiber reaches milestone of 1,000 active connections

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Uncategorized |

IPfiber, the leader in realization of cooperative fiber optic networks on industrial parks in The Netherlands, has reached a milestone of over 1,000 active i.e. connected companies and institutions.

Since its inception in October 2010 IPfiber, being an independent advisory, has supported city councils and entrepreneur associations in the creation of open fiber optic networks in dozens of industrial parks in the Netherlands. These networks are characterized by a fully open access design, local bonding of participating businesses and competitive pricing. The overall footprint, the maximum number of companies that can connect to these local networks, is more than 3,400 companies. In recent years, fiber optic networks have been implemented for industrial parks in a.o. the Dutch municipalities of Veghel, Geldermalsen, Waalwijk, Tiel, Middelharnis, Heusden, etcetera.

“The power of a cooperative customer-owned network,” says Jochem Regtuit, managing director of IPfiber, “is that the local entrepreneurs are in charge themselves, and benefit from growth in the number of participating customers. The transparent rules of engagement and the principle of solidarity for profit sharing are the main reasons that these networks continue to grow sharply after go-live. Through cost-effective network operations the monthly access fees are guaranteed to further reduce as local participation increases.” He continues: “In the coming years we expect further strong growth in this type of commercial fiber optic networks in The Netherlands, both in terms of connections to existing networks as well as in construction of new networks.”

About IPfiber
Coming from an IT and not just a telecom background, IPfiber is actively involved in the realization of open fiber optic infrastructures. Today, more than 1,000 companies and/or institutions have a private network connection to fiber optic networks realized by IPfiber.