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Fiber Network Heemskerk is coming!

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Uncategorized |

This month, FiberRevolution Netherlands will start with the implementation of a new and fully open fiber optic network at industrial park Trumpet in Heemskerk, The Netherlands.

Through an underground system of conduits, Trompet1, where a total of 155 companies are located, launches a collective fiber network that is expected to go live on September 1. Based on a design covering of all streets on the industrial park, companies can take advantage of affordable and open fiberglass connections. Each participating company has access to a ‘private’ non-overbooked (i.e. 1: 1) Ethernet capacity of 50/50, 100/100 or 250/250 Mbps connection, ensuring they are ready for a digital future!

Together with its partner Teleplaza, FiberRevolution provides a seamless and cost-free transition from the current local ADSL connections to the new collective fiber optic network. Local companies and institutions with existing telecom contracts are granted a period of up to 18 months to move to the fiber optic network at the initial pricing conditions, and can therefore still apply for the “Last Chance” action: no connection fee and a 50% discount on the monthly fee for the first three months.

The super-fast fiber optic access is automatically connected to data center Nikhef on the AMS-IX in Amsterdam, one of the largest digital market places of the world. This neutral marketplace facilitates service provisioning of a large amount of service providers covering a wide range of digital services. Services such as Internet access, VoIP (voice over Internet), cloud computing, video surveillance, IP television, IT management, online backup, VPN, online workspace, hosting, etc. are available at competitive rates.

ICT experts expect that most organizations will need and/or want to make much more use of fast Internet for the next decade. We are only on the eve of the real Internet revolution. With a super-fast fiber-optic connection, the local Heemskerk entrepreneurs are ready for the future, can save broadband communications costs and are able to work smarter.

For more information see www.glasnetheemskerk.nl